Moving out of your college dormitory doesn’t need to be a hassle.

Moving out of your college dorm shouldn’t be expensive.

Sure, storing your stuff in a basement is an option, but it is neither safe, secure nor sanitary. Opt for a solution that gives you peace of mind. Let Collegiate Transport professionals handle the task. Our transporting equipment and storage is safe, secure and sanitary.

Let Collegiate Transport arrange for the safe transport of your belongings from your current dorm room, climate-controlled summer storage, and a speedy return to you in your new dorm room in the fall.

Planning Now Saves You $ and Peace of Mind Worth More $$.


Note: Collegiate Transport does not store furniture, but we do store small refrigerators, TV’s and microwaves. The company does not store products that pose a security or health threat to our employees and storage facilities. Please carefully read the terms and conditions of pick-up, storage and return of your belongings.